Queer Yoga takes a break

This Wednesday August 17th is the last Queer Yoga Flow class of the summer season. It has been nice to see the community grow, but now it is time for a break.

queer yoga

community yoga in berlin

Queer Yoga prioritizes a space for queer and trans* folk. Allies and other misfits are welcome.

Read more about Queer* Yoga.

Juli‘s Sunday 4pm classes continue without a break, but with substitutions by 3 different teachers in 3 different styles. Here’s your chance to check out some of the other yoga teachers in our Berlin yoga community!

* August 28: Kanchi – Body Positive Yoga
* Sept. 4: Pedro – Tantric Yoga
* Sept. 11: Pinelopi – injury-conscious Hatha Yoga

All of Juli’s classes (including the classes by the substitute teachers) are available to low- / no-income people at a sliding-scale reduced rate. Read more about our community classes and payment options for low-income students.

Juli’s approach to vinyasa flow is slow and injury-conscious, including postures and techniques learned from the Svastha Yoga Therapy teacher training program that support the body in healing injuries, chronic pain and illnesses. Last winter, Juli offered a 6-week series of workshops based specifically on these trainings. And will begin a new course in winter 2016-17. Stay tuned for more info!

Juli’s aim is to make a class comfortable for those who feel marginalized in other classes but still want to discover the yoga benefits. You are invited to join Juli in creating an atmosphere of alliedness by recognizing our privileges and creating space for others (queers, transfolks, sex-workers, b&pocs, differently abled, abundant bodied, low/no-income).

Queer Yoga Wednesdays

Queer* Yoga Wednesdays started as a collaboration between Kanchi and Juli to bring two queer yoga classes together in one evening. We called it queer Wednesdays to prioritize a space for queer and trans* folk. Allies and other misfits are welcome.

As of May 2016, Kanchi returned to Freistil Yoga, and Juli continues to teach a Queer* Yoga Flow class on Wednesdays at the English Yoga Berlin, Görlitzer Str. 39, Kreuzberg Yoga Studio.

When: Wednesday at 10am-11:30am (10h – 11.30h) Queer* Yoga Flow

Prices: Community Class prices for low- / no-income folks, Regular prices for those who can afford it

Why “Queer” Yoga?

In western contemporary society, yoga classes can often feel excluding to those of us who are not middle-class, white, thin, flexible and cis-gendered. A common misconception is that if you don’t look like the person on the cover of a Yoga Journal, then you are probably doing yoga so that you can work towards that ‘ideal.’ For those of us who don’t, it can be discouraging to even attend a yoga class, knowing that we might be seen that way by others in the room.

When the room is filled with stereotypical “yoga-bodies” and unawareness of heterosexual and cis-sexual privilege, it can make some queer and trans* people feel uncomfortable and unable to focus on their own practice. And often the language used in mainstream yoga classes can be very hetero- and cis-sexist. As queer yoga teachers, we can take the first step in making the space (and the practice) more queer and trans* friendly.

queer yoga

Juli teaches Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is about breath-synchronized flowing movement. This particular class focuses on strength building and promoting awareness of one’s own ability at the present moment to move comfortably and freely while carrying one’s own weight. This class is open to both beginners and experienced students, as well as those with injuries, chronic pain or limited mobility, as options and modifications for poses are offered by the teacher. Read more about Juli.



Kanchi teaches Body Positive Yoga

Body Positive Yoga

This class is for all shapes sizes genders and ability levels, including beginners. Kanchi took up the practice of yoga almost 20 years ago and found that the physical practice and the philosophies allowed her to develop a positive connection with her body and healthier approach to dealing with emotional challenges. She completed her 200 hours training in Feb 2015 and her yoga for all 25 hours training in July 2015. She specialises in working with queer, trans and bigger bodies, but her classes are open to anyone who wants to develop a more positive and healthy connection with their body (and therefore themselves).




Happy Holidays from English Yoga Berlin!!

English Yoga in Berlin

English Yoga Berlin

Everyone needs a break once in awhile, even yogis.

As the turn of the year in the Gregorian calendar comes near (and in a couple weeks the Julian), some of us celebrate traditional holidays with family or close friends. This time of year can often be filled with happy gatherings, but also stressful times as conflicts arise or old conflicts are reignited, sad memories of lost loved ones re-emerge or the sadness of being alone at this time.

There are no easy answers, only the advice to remember that this time will pass and a new year with a new beginning will come. And when times get too stressful take a moment to take care of yourself. Take a walk, take some deep breaths, close your eyes and remember your resolve.

English Yoga Berlin will be back after the break and before the New Year on Tuesday December 30th, with a Hatha yoga class at 6pm (18h) and a Vinyasa flow community yoga (sliding scale donation-based) class at 8pm (20h).

We’re closed on New Year’s Day, but back again in the new year with our full schedule!

Happy Holidays! And have a good slide into the New Year!!!

Guest teacher Anastasia Shevchenko comes to our next Community Class

Anastasia’s yoga journey started over 10 years ago.  Throughout her growth as a yogi, she has experienced many different yoga styles, which she credits with deepening her understanding of the essence of yoga.

“In my personal practice and in my teachings, I enjoy combining static postures held for a prolonged period of time (Hatha-style) with more dynamic exercises, synchronized with the breath (Vinyasa-style). Both types of exercises have their distinct benefits on the physical, psychological, and mental wellbeing.”

On our next Community Class at English Yoga Berlin, she will guide a yoga lesson that everybody can relate to, with postures that build core strength, increase flexibility in the limbs, and relax the body and the mind. The class is open to students of all levels and abilities.
WHEN?    Thursday 21st November, 2013 (15.45 – 17.15)

WHERE?   English Yoga Berlin – Görlitzer Str. 39, Kreuzberg

HOW MUCH? Donation based / Pay What you Can

May 13th: A Day of Free Yoga!!!

We are very happy to introduce and welcome two new teachers, Pedro and Juli, to our English Yoga Collective!!

      Juli goddess posePedro

Pedro and Juli will  be teaching on Mondays starting from May 13th. Pedro will be teaching Classical Yoga and Juli will be teaching a gentle Vinyasa Flow. To help you get to know them better, May 13th will be a day of English free yoga classes in Berlin!

When:            17h30-19h30 (Classical Yoga) & 20hoo-21h30 (Vinyasa Flow)


Where:          Görlitzerstr. 39

Who:              Pedro and Juli

How much: on this day all yoga is for free!

 As usual, classes will be limited to 10 participants, so make sure you arrive early to get a spot!

New Yoga in Kreuzberg class schedule – starting from September 18th, 2012

 Every Tuesday:

  • 16.00 – 17.30 Vinyasa Flow in English with MegYoga classes in Kreuzberg
  • 18.00 – 19-30 Hatha Yoga in English with Pinelopi
  • 20.00 – 21.30 Yoga Nidra in English with Pinelopi


Every Thursday:

  •  8.30 – 9.45   Vinyasa Flow in English with Meg
  •  10.15 – 11.45 Hatha Yoga in English with Pinelopi
  • 12.15 – 13.45 Advanced Hatha yoga with Pinelopi
  •  16.00 – 17.30 Vinyasa Flow  in English with Meg
  • 18.00 – 19.30 Hatha Yoga in English with Pinelopi
  • 20.00 – 21.30 Hatha Yoga in English with Pinelopi

All classes will take place in the Gemeinschaftsraum(x-kinderkino) on Görlitzerstr. 39, 10997 Kreuzberg Berlin

Click here to sign up for Yoga in Kreuzberg classes :