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What do I need to bring to an English Yoga Berlin class?  Do you have mats, props, blankets? etc.

We have all of the props you will need at the studio for use free of charge. Please note: Due to the corona virus, we recommend that you bring a clean towel to place on top of the studio mats or your own yoga mat to practice on. Some people may also prefer to use a warm sweater for the relaxations instead of the blankets.

I’ve never done yoga before.  Can I come to your class?

All of our classes are open to beginners. Just make sure you arrive 15min early, so you can talk to the teacher, explain any health concerns or injuries you may have, fill in a registration form and get used to the space. We recommend that you try various kinds of yoga when you first begin a regular practice, so you can find a style that suits you and a teacher with whom you feel comfortable.

What kind of yoga is right for me?

You can read more about the different kinds of yoga we offer here. Generally, the Vinyasa Flow classes are faster and you may work up a sweat, the Hatha Yoga classes are slower, with longer-held poses and more time for relaxation, the Tantric Yoga classes give you a good grounding in traditional yogic practices and breathing exercises. But if you have never been to our studio before, we recommend that you try out each teacher and / or style as yoga styles can be so different from teacher to teacher.

Is English Yoga Berlin open on public holidays?

No. We are closed on all German public holidays. Holidays are marked on our schedule.

Is your schedule up to date?

Yes, our schedule is regularly updated to reflect any changes.

Can I pay with my credit card or bank card?

No, we only take cash. Receipts are available upon request.

How do I get to your English Yoga Berlin studio?

You can see our location and a map here. The closest U-bahn station is Schlesisches Tor on the U1 (10-minute walk). The bus stop for the M29 bus is an 8-minute walk from us and goes to U-Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1) and U-Hermannplatz (U7 & U8). The 165 & 265 bus stop is a 6-minute walk and goes to Schlesisches Tor (U1) and Treptower Park station (S-bahn ring). There is parking available on the street and plenty of space to park bikes outside of the studio.

Can I just drop by a class tonight?

Yes, you are welcome to come tonight! Our classes are limited to ten people and some classes get quite full, so make sure you come early enough to get a space–we recommend coming between 20 and 25min early for evening classes.

How do I book a private class?

We do offer private classes. Please write us an email with the details of when you would like your class, what style of yoga you are interested in, whether you have a mat and if you want the class offered at our studio or at your home. Cancellations within 24 hours before the start time will be charged half the agreed-upon rate for the class.

Do you have a reduced rate for unemployed or lower-income people?

Yes, you can see our options for lower-income participants here.

I’m a yoga teacher.  Do you have any openings?

At the moment, we are not looking for new teachers. If you’re interested in English Yoga Berlin, and would like to get to know us and become part of our community, we encourage you to come to our classes and introduce yourself. Click here for a blog we wrote offering advice to new teachers looking for work.

Is your space available for rent?

Our space is NOT available for rent to external teachers for workshops or regular classes.

Can I reserve a spot for a specific class?

If you want to pre-book a space, you need to buy a 5er card and pre-book at the studio with a teacher. When you pre-book, make sure the date and time works for you, because cancellations are not possible. After you have completed a 5er card, you can become a monthly student and have a space reserved for you every week.

If I miss a reserved class, can I recuperate it another time?

As a monthly student, you have the chance to recuperate your missed class in another regular weekly class by the same teacher within the same calendar month. Recuperations are not possible in special classes or workshops. And recuperations cannot be reserved in advance.

With a 5er card: if you miss a pre-booked class on your 5er card, a recuperation is not possible.

I’m pregnant, can I practice at your studio?

If you are looking for a specific class during your pregnancy, we do not offer one at this time. You may be welcome to join other classes, just please write the teacher an email before hand to ask if they can provide options or a space for you. In fuller classes, this may be difficult.

A lot of pregnant students take a break during the first trimester, because they are so tired, but they often return to practice during the second. Yoga can be very helpful during the second trimester, because your belly will be growing quite quickly now and asana can help relieve backache and make space in your body for the new growth.

A couple of things to keep in mind–first, please tell the instructor about your pregnancy before the class, so that s/he can make sure to give you modifications if needed. Generally, abdominal and core work (leg lifting, etc) is discouraged during pregnancy. Kapalabhati is also contraindicated, as well as postures that involve lying on your belly. Gentle backbends are OK, but don’t push it. You might find that your balance changes a lot, so supporting yourself during standing postures with a wall or a chair can be helpful. As you probably can already feel, the relaxin in your body is now making your joints and ligaments more flexible than before. This means that you need to be careful to stay within your limits. Now is not the time to push your practice, but rather to be gentle and loving with yourself and your baby!


  1. Hello
    I’m Natalia
    I am interested in being part of your working group

    Please inform me of an email where I can send my CV

    Thank you

  2. Hi, I have just moved to Berlin and am working a few shifts in a restaurant. This does not qualify me as low income per se, but will make it tricky to prioritise yoga in my budget. I was wondering if you offered work for karma yogi\\’s at your studio? Thank you:)

  3. Hallo, I am Prajakta from India, currently on visit to Germany, staying in Mainz. I will be in Berlin from 2nd of April for 3 weeks. When can I come to visit you?

    • English Yoga Berlin

      Hi Prajakta,
      please check out our schedule and you will know when you can drop by!
      Cheers, Juli

  4. Hi, I am interested in your class at 10am on Wed, I would like to know the class already canceled? THank you.

    • English Yoga Berlin

      Hi Mavis, sorry for the long delay in answering. But yes, we had to cancel the Wednesday morning class due to an injury. Keep posted, it will come back!

  5. Namaste,I am Prajakta from India. M.A. Sanskrit. My husband lives in Berlin and I am planning to come there in April. For me it will be the real joy to get the people with same interest across the border. It would be my pleasure if you feel free to discuss regarding Patanjal Yog with reference to Original Sanskrit Text. I have subscribed for your newsletter too. Wish you Merry Christmas!! Dhanyavaad.

    • English Yoga Berlin

      Dear Prajakta,
      it would be nice to meet you when you come to visit. Please just drop by and we are happy to chat with you!
      Cheers, Juli

  6. Hello!I\’m am writing to inquire if your shala would be interested in hosting 1-2 classes or workshops as I do a short tour in Europe next month. I will be in Berlin only one full day, which is the 30th of July. If you are interested in hosting a special event with me on this day I will send you possible titles and descriptions, photos for promotions and anything else you need promptly. It would be my pleasure and honor to come teach in your city. Peace,Day

  7. Hi,
    For some reason, I can’t open the link to your email addresses – would you mind sending me the email address to jessroseyoga@gmail.com?

    Thank you very much!!

  8. Hello

    I am a Hypnotherapist based in London and will be coming to Berlin to host my TOBACCCO LEAVES hypnotherapy session – designed to help people quit smoking for good.

    At the moment I have two provisional dates and would like to know if you can promote this event among your yoga community?

    Also do you hire out spaces?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Ray Singh

    • English Yoga Berlin

      Hi Ray,
      We don’t rent out space to individuals outside of our community. But you are welcome to come by the studio and drop off some flyers for your events!

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