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yoga for beginnersWhether you are looking for yoga for beginners, community-focused yoga, or simply a community of like-minded people in Berlin, we invite you to get in touch!

Each of us at English Yoga Berlin offer you something unique and different. If you are still unsure of who to write to after reading about each one of us and our different styles of yoga, you can write to one of us and we will make sure it goes to the right place.

Contact Pinelopi offers gentle, injury-conscious Hatha Yoga to all levels, including yoga for beginners, Alexander Technique classes, Meditation classes and yoga courses, workshops and retreats.

 Juli if you’re interested in community yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, restorative yoga, or queer* yoga.

For any additional questions, please check out our FAQ page, your question may be answered there.


  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering – this Thursday being a public holiday – do classes take place as usual?



    • yoga-Xkoelln

      Hi Keith,
      Since it’s a public holiday, no, we are not working.
      Check out our schedule page for the days that we are closed.

      Have a nice holiday 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I have problems with my posture and weak upper body… I was wondering if yoga would be the right activity to help me in those areas? I have hardly done any yoga so would your classes be good for me to take?

    thanks xx

    • yoga-Xkoelln

      Hi Savannah,
      Yes, yoga practice can really help with postural awareness and building muscle. If you can manage to practice two or more times a week, and make sure to slowly build up the number of postures where you are bearing weight on your upper body (like downward dog, for example), you will help to strengthen the area a lot. Back bending is also helpful, because it ”opens” the front of the chest and helps you to learn not to slouch. All of our classes are open to beginners, but probably a slower style (like Hatha or Classical) would be the best way to begin. Then, when you have learned more postures and breathing styles, you can move on to a more dynamic practice (like Vinyasa).
      Hope that answers your questions! Cheers and see you soon,

  3. Are you still looking for that special photographer that is able to captures your team at their best and in their element? I’m looking forward hearing from you this way or the other ;o)

  4. yoga-Xkoelln

    Hello Amaia,

    You can drop in to any class and do a try-out for 10 euros. The Hatha class is quite full, so I’d just advise you get there early enough to get a spot. After that, you can get a 5er card and use that for any of the classes. When you finish the 5er card, you can sign up as a monthly contract student and secure a spot in a weekly class.


  5. jeremie sheperd

    Are you still in need of a photographer?

  6. Hello!
    I have a few questions for you!
    I did yoga only once (hot yoga, in august), and I’m really exciting to have found you! I was just wondering though if you’re classes are adapted for people like mw who have no real background. I really don’t know anything! 😛
    Also, do you rent mat and towel or should I get my own gear before going to your class?
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Hi,

    I wanted to organize for the employees in our company a weekly yoga training during the lunch brake.

    So I was wondering if you could visit us at our office in Prenzlauer Berg.

    I would be very glad if I could receive an answer.

    Warm Regards,

    • yoga-Xkoelln

      Hello Lucia,

      Yes, we’re able to come to Prenzlauer Berg. How much time do you have at lunch for yoga? How many people would participate?

      You can reply to our email address:

      All the best!

  8. yoga-Xkoelln

    Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for asking.
    We don’t have different levels on our current schedule. The teachers make each class accessible to students of different abilities and experience, offering options to hold longer or shorter depending on how you feel, or presenting variations to different poses.

    Here’s the link to the descriptions about the different styles we offer.

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