A children’s book on the RAIN meditation

Five years ago, I discovered Tara Brach’s RAIN meditation and it changed my life. Through this meditation technique, one learns a step by step guide on how to go through challenging feelings without suppressing, judging or ignoring them. Each time I practice this meditation, it profoundly transforms the understanding I have of myself, but even more importantly it gives me the tools to better understand my daughter’s emotional world. Years later and after practicing RAIN daily, I started to dream of a kid friendly way of bringing RAIN into children’s lives. What if both parents and kids were to have a compass to use for when lost in challenging emotions? What if we were taught from a young age what we could do with strong feelings? In the spirit of bringing RAIN into little one’s lives, I wrote this children’s book.

The Magic of Rain

A story for children (and their grown-ups) about how to go through feelings

written by Pinelopi Sioni and illustrated by Avital Yomdin

8 year-old Faye loves to paint in bright colours, solve detective mysteries, and go surfing on the blue ocean. She also feels a lot of feelings. Her Granny Jojo helps her to find the tools to navigate her ups and downs, teaching her that emotions are mere messengers that can be processed through the magic of RAIN.

One day in school, Faye has an unfortunate incident with her teacher and gets kicked out of class. Feeling utterly misunderstood and frustrated, she decides to call on RAIN. 

This beautiful picture book walks the reader through Tara Brach’s 21st century version of the Buddhist meditation technique, RAIN. Via fun and lively verse, children (and their grown-ups) can explore this method and apply it in their own lives.

(their grown ups get a parents work book to help them guide the children)

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About the author:

I, Pinelopi, completed a 600 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher and Vedantic Philosophy Training course over a period of two years in Valencia, Spain. For over a decade, I have worked as a full-time yoga teacher and in 2010 I founded English Yoga Berlin. I have given many workshops and retreats on the subjects of “Presence”, “Soft Heart”, “Beyond the thinking Mind” and “Conscious Intention”. Tara Brach, and especially the RAIN meditation, have been deeply inspiring to my meditation philosophy. In 2013, I became a mother to an amazing strong girl. Ever since, I have been searching for ways to connect the intricate emotional worlds of children with the beauty of meditation. I have now written this children’s book on the RAIN meditation and will start to search for publishers soon.

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