CHAKRA COURSE – kreuzberg Berlin

Self exploration through the language of Chakras

photo by Biel Morro

photo by Biel Morro


Saturdays 10.30-12.00,  October 13th- December 15th, 2018


At our English Yoga Berlin studio, Görlitzerstr. 39 – Kreuzberg, Berlin.

What does this Chakra course offer?

The Chakras are energetic centers  positioned in our pranic bodies that ensure the flow of energy connecting our bodies, minds, and soul. Each chakra influences and is influenced by an area of the body, a way of thinking, and an emotion. In this course we will explore which emotions, way of thinking and body postures ensure an unobstructed flow of energy and vice versa.

In this nine week course we will learn the symbolic language of the chakras and how human behaviors affect its vibrations. We use the chakras as a map to help us self explore certain concepts like our tribes (as an archetype), creativity, self esteem, forgiveness, surrender, love, detachment and connection to our spirits.

The classes will be given in the format of an introduction, followed by self exploration through yoga poses and visualizations.

For a more detailed view of each class please click here.


Students with at least three months of  yoga experience. Maximum participants: 13


180 Euro for nine classes

               Early registration discount:

 30 € discount if you register before September 15th , 2018. The course is refundable unless cancellation occurs later than October 1st, after which 50% refund.  Space is limited so register early before the spots fill up!

Please note:

  1. This course is  no substitute for therapy. The concepts explored are ones that most humans tend to struggle with on some level and can awaken some new views into your own psyche.  The purpose of the course is self-exploration and not psychological therapy.
  2. During this course we are not going to learn traditional methods of activating the chakras through Kundalini yoga. There will be no attempt to rise the Kundalini energy as this requires a lot of purification of the student beforehand and an experienced guru that deems the student to be ready.
  3. This class is recommended to students with previous yoga experience.

To book a place please contact:  pinelopi (at) englishyogaberlin (dot) com


Pinelopi specializes in Hatha Yoga. Her yoga Kreuzberg Berlin classes are open for and welcoming to beginners. She offers Berlin business yogaprivate yoga classes for people struggling with chronic pain, yoga courses and workshops.

December Offers + Winter Break


“When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds.”

-Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata (Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005)


As the days grow colder and shorter, and the festive gift-giving season approaches, we present you (our community of dedicated and enthusiastic yogis) with a month full of offers & news. Below you will find a special deal to de-stress, a gift idea, free taster classes and information about our end of year break. We at English Yoga Berlin are looking forward to a month of relaxing yoga amidst the end of year chaos and shuffle. Hope you will join us!

Give the Gift of Yoga

At a loss for a festive gift? Do you know someone close to you who would like to try yoga?
Buy two or more gift certificates for 10€ each, one for 12€. Each card is individually printed and sent by post if you wish. Contact us here to place your order by email, or talk to one of our teachers at the studio.

Special Offer: Slow Down + Bring a Friend

To alleviate your end of year and holiday stress, we encourage you to slow down throughout the month of December by offering you a special deal. Bring a friend for free to one of our slow, meditative, relaxing and rejuvenating Classical or Restorative classes.

FREE Tasters for new Course

We’re offering two free tasters for a new 10-week course, Classical Yoga for Swing Dancers, that begins in January. Not exclusively for dancers, but open to anyone who would like to develop their balance, body awareness and concentration. Drop in to one of these sessions to get more info and to sign up.

Wednesday Dec. 11 at 19:00h
Friday Dec. 13 at 19:00h

Holiday Closure

Our last class for this year will be on Sunday December 22. We will reopen again in the new year on Thursday January 2. Click here for our current schedule.