Private Yoga Lessons in Berlin

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Private yoga lessons for the really busy, for those with special needs, for the shy, or simply for those who want to get a personalized program and the undivided attention of the  teacher.  Private Yoga lessons are a sure way to address the little insecurities and questions you have about your practice, and to get advice on how to best use yoga and meditation for your specific life challenges.



Do you have particular physical needs, an injury, chronic pain, limited movement that require considerable input from a yoga teacher?  Does your learning style not really fit with a class context?  Does sharing your personal health history in-depth with a teacher bring you comfort and a renewed sense of confidence? Whatever is the impulse behind you reading this page, private yoga lessons can have a critical impact on your personal practice, and on the quality of your relationship with your body and mind for a lifetime.

The price of the private yoga class is usually around 60€, but it varies depending on teacher, location, length of class and your unique requirements.  Contact us here to make arrangements suitable to your needs.

 Cancellation Policy:
  • Private Yoga Classes must be cancelled, latest, 24 hours before or a 50% charge applies.
  • If cancellation takes place after the teacher has arrived to the class venue, full payment is expected.

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