Testimonials for “How to Set up an Ergonomic Home Office” Workshop

Since the pandemic lock downs, people have been suffering more and more from bad “home officing”. Unfortunately, the conditions at home are not always adequate to spend 8 hours in front of a computer. In addition, computers entered our lives at full speed, but lessons on computer health have somehow not made it to the table. This is why I created this workshop on “How to set up an ergonomic home office” for businesses and the general public. In this workshop we explore how to better computer work-conditions. Furthermore, we explore the basics of computer health. If you, too, wish to request this workshop for your business or for the general public, please get in touch! Since this workshop is given online, you can request it from any country in the world.

How to set up an ergonomic home office workshop.

Computers entered our lives at full speed, but lessons on computer health have somehow not made it to the table….

Here are some testimonials from the ergonomic home office workshop:

  • Easy to follow. Immediately noticed the impact of the infrastructure on my posture.
  • Great topic, wonderful trainer, good and practical tips.
  • Very practical tips for low budget home office.
  • Very understanding about the issues different people face. In addition, very relevant for working from home.
  • The examples and how she decided to set up the office on the spot were nice, because we could follow more easily instead of doing it later on our own (wherein we might forget things already).
  • The trainer provided a complete overview of how to best prepare your home office for better posture/ergonomics at home.

Testimonials from RAISIN GmbH employees

  • very interesting, high quality content and teaching, very useful and motivating.
  • Felt the benefits immediately after implementing just the first changes.
  • Very nice flow of explaining & showing & exercises and a very friendly atmosphere! I loved the performance of the different curves-gone-offroad-postures
  • Much more aware of the importance of taking care of my eyes now!
  • I loved this “How to set up an Ergonomic Home Office” Workshop! Eye opening!

Testimonials from EYB workshop participants

About the teacher:

Pinelopi co-founder of English Yoga Berlin

Beginning her yoga journey in 1999, Pinelopi completed a 600 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher and Vedantic Philosophy Training course over a period of two years in Valencia, Spain. For over a decade, she has worked as a full-time yoga teacher in Spain and in 2010 she founded English Yoga Berlin.

She, then, deepened her knowledge through studying Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff . Meanwhile, she also studied with David Moore and attended several of his “Injury-free yoga” workshops of how to apply the Alexander Technique postural alignment to yoga poses.

Currently she is in her third and final year of studying with Jorg Asshof to become an Alexander Technique teacher.

Her ergonomic consultations are based on her knowledge of anatomy, postural alignment through the Alexander Technique, and a deep understanding of the body and mind’s needs through yoga.

Her workshops and retreats are inspired by Tara Brach‘s teachings.