Chakra Exploration Course in Berlin

I am happy to present our third Chakra course in Kreuzberg, Berlin!  The past two courses have been a fascinating experience.  Students deepened their understanding of their energetic systems while learning about the chakras.

In this course, I teach a symbolic language of the chakras so that one can learn to identify in what way our thoughts and our emotions affect our energy.

Thursdays (10): 20.00 – 21.30,

January 11th- March 21st, 2024

Course Overview:

The Chakras, as energetic centers within our pranic bodies, serve as a vital link connecting our bodies, minds, and emotions. Each chakra influences and is influenced by specific areas of the body, thought patterns, and emotions. Throughout this course, we will delve into the emotions, ways of thinking, and body postures that promote an unobstructed flow of energy, fostering holistic well-being.

What to Expect:

  • Symbolic Language: Learn the symbolic language of the chakras and understand how it relates to various aspects of our lives.
  • Self-Exploration: Utilize the chakras as a map for self-exploration, addressing concepts such as roots, creativity, self-esteem, forgiveness, surrender, love, detachment, and connection to our spirits.
  • Class Format: Each class will begin with an introduction, followed by self-exploration facilitated through yoga poses and visualizations.


  • Duration: Ten weeks
  • Participant Requirement: Students with a minimum of three months of yoga or meditation experience.
  • Maximum Participants at the Studio: Limited to 14 individuals
  • Hybrid option: students can also participate online.


  • Live or Online: 200€ for the ten classes
  • Early Registration Discount: Enjoy a 20€ discount by registering before January 5th, 2024.
  • Drop in (live or online): 20 Euro per class
  • Refund Policy: You can get a refund if you change your mind within two weeks after purchase and/or before January 5th, 2024. No refunds for cancellations after this date.

Important Notes:

  • Not a Substitute for Therapy: This course is designed for self-exploration and is not a substitute for psychological therapy. It explores concepts that many humans grapple with on some level.
  • This is not Kundalini Yoga: Please be aware that traditional methods of activating the chakras through Kundalini yoga will not be taught in this course. Our focus is on self-exploration and not the ascent of Kundalini energy.

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Pinelopi embarked on her yoga journey in 1999, completing a 600-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher and Vedantic Philosophy Training course in Valencia, Spain. She founded English Yoga Berlin in 2010, and now has over 15 years of experience as a full-time yoga teacher.

She deepened her knowledge by studying Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. Additionally, she trained with David Moore and attended his “Injury-free yoga” workshops, integrating the Alexander Technique into yoga poses. This comprehensive training enriched her expertise in both fields.

In January of 2023, Pinelopi achieved a significant milestone by becoming a certified Alexander Technique teacher. This was an intensive training for 3.3 years, totaling 1600 hours of dedicated study with Jorg Aßhoff.

Pinelopi’s ergonomic consultations integrate anatomy, Alexander Technique, and yoga’s mind-body understanding. Her holistic approach optimizes well-being in the workplace through comprehensive guidance.

She has completed a 3 day training on “Understanding Trauma for Safer Spaces” with Legacy Motion, and is now studying “Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies” with Linda Thai. Her meditation philosophy is deeply inspired by Tara Brach, especially the RAIN meditation.

I am here for you.

“I am here for you”, I say.

I say this a lot. To my daughter. To my partner. I say it to my friends. I say it to my yoga students. “I am here for you”.  But where is here?

Brene Brown has made a beautiful video clip partly describing depression as a deep dark hole that someone finds themselves in. Empathy, she says, is the ability of a friend to climb down that hole and sit with you for a while. The graphics are beautiful. The explanation between empathy and sympathy is eye opening. And I’ve been keeping that in mind every time I say “I’m here for you” to someone.   I visualize myself climbing down that ladder and sitting by the person’s side, holding their hand, feeling their sorrow with them… for a while. But the more I go down there, the harder I find it is to get out.

After a while, I realized, that Brene’s image of climbing down that dark hole, not only does not work for me, but it carries some dangers for a person with extreme sensitivity and empathy, as is that of my character. Brene says that empathy is about fueling connection. I 100% agree. I agree that empathy requires to be able to see the world as others see it, be nonjudgmental, understand another person’s feelings, and communicate your understanding of that person’s feelings. But could I possibly use another image that will help me not get overwhelmed and fuzz my emotional boundaries?

“I am here for you” means something different to me now. It means I see you. I see how hard and lonely you feel down there in that dark hole. I feel how difficult it is for you. I will come. I will sit at the edge of the hole, in the Light, by the ladder. And I will tell you “I am here for you”. Here – is at the edge of that hole. Here – is in the Light. Here – is close to the ladder. I won’t force you to climb up the ladder, I won’t try to convince you to come out of it. I will listen. I will tell you that I’m so glad you told me. I will feel your pain with you. But I will do that What do we mean when we say "I am here for you"?from a place of Light. I will wait for as long as you need, to find your way out. If you ask me, I will tell you where I think the ladder is. If you want me, I will stay silent while you cry and send you all my love. But, I am here -in the Light- for you. And hopefully, when you look up through your tear stained eyes and try to see me… hopefully, a part of you will be reminded that there is not only darkness out there. I will stay here for you. I will not leave your side., accompany you on your journey, won’t push you from your path and from your rhythm. I will stay in the Light by your side.

Pinelopi specializes in Hatha Yoga. Her yoga classes are open for and welcoming to beginners. She  also offers Berlin business yoga, pregnancy yoga, and private yoga classes for people struggling with chronic pain. In January she will offer a ten week course on understanding Chakras through your yoga practice in Berlin.