Happy Everything from English Yoga Berlin!

English Yoga Berlin would like to wish you a Happy Everything!

Some people are celebrating Easter today, others are celebrating the public holiday and chocolate eggs that come with it. Regardless of your beliefs, this is a vibrant moment of the year with lots to celebrate.

Photo by Fern

Photo by Fern

We, at English Yoga Berlin, are celebrating the end of winter, the budding trees, the returning bees, the changing winds, the first brave flowers and the time change. We are celebrating the idea of coming out of our winter cocoons and dancing in the wind. We are celebrating the big bonfires that yesterday were lit all over Berlin to honor the seasonal change.

Spring is affecting us all and we are personally welcoming it with open arms!

Every day we see our yoga students come in with lighter hearts, an extra rhythm in their step, more humour in their talk and beautiful smiles.

So today we take the opportunity to celebrate everything – including you! We would like to thank you for your commitment and support to our English yoga studio in Berlin. In the past years, we have got to know so many amazing people, from different countries, from different stages in life, with different ways of lives… and we have found that each and every one of you have enriched our lives as yoga teachers and as people. Thank you for taking on this amazing adventure that calls us to travel inwards and experience yoga. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for being you!

Happy Everything!!!

English Yoga Berlin offers different types of Yoga in Kreuzberg. We have small yoga classes that encourage an intimate environment and increased awareness. Check out our schedule to attend a class of Vinyasa Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga in Berlin.

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