Why Offer Yoga In Your Business or Organisation?


yoga in the workplace

office yoga photo by enfad

It is very rare in today’s globalized, interconnected world that work gets accomplished alone, slowly or in a linear fashion. Contemporary employees are expected to cooperate and collaborate intensively with each other, cope with a fast pace of change, deal with the pressure of deadlines, juggle multiple responsibilities and get used to rapidly changing technologies. The multitasking, creativity and hyperawareness that today’s employees develop in order to thrive in the modern workplace can make them incredibly valuable assets to their organizations—but it also leaves them highly vulnerable to the risks of burnout, exhaustion, carpal tunnel syndrome, illness and depression.

When a person burns out, it takes a huge toll on the individual and on the people around them: their family, friends, community and coworkers. Managers need to stay alert to these risks, and put structures in place to help their staff cope. It’s estimated that burn out and mental health stress costs the european economy billions of euros per year. Any business that wants to remain effective, cohesive and innovative needs to invest in the physical and psychological wellness of its staff: happy, balanced employees make for a creative, capable team and an effective, flexible organisation.

In-company Yoga is one of the most efficient and effective ways of reducing stress, calming anxiety and soothing the body. A regular yoga practice helps people to develop skills in clearing and focusing the mind, becoming more aware of their sensations and learning to release them – through techniques of movement, breath, visualization and relaxation. Studies have shown that an hour of yoga benefits practitioners in multiple tangible and sustainable ways: lower blood pressure, more oxygen in the bloodstream, reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy, less tiredness, better sleep, better posture, team building, employee morale, etc. Practicing yoga as a group helps to build empathy, solidarity and communication amongst participants. It allows each person to relax individually, to look at their colleagues in a different light, to learn something new and to nourish themselves amidst their busy work day. Participants report going back to their desks feeling refreshed, energized and positive.

A weekly in-company yoga class is something that employees can look forward to every week. It’s an opportunity for each individual to relax and rejuvenate their body and mind, and for the group to build trust, relationship and communication with each other. Office yoga classes offer a healthy injection of positivity and wellness into your workplace culture.

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