Corporate Yoga Packages


Every manager knows that all companies are different, and our experience teaching corporate yoga has confirmed this! So we have created several different packages for in-office yoga.


English Yoga at lunchtime in Berlin

Photo by Fern

1 ) Yoga at Lunchtime:

We offer a 60-minute office yoga class once a week at your location. This is a great class to refresh your employees and give them a new lease on the afternoon to come.




Business Yoga in Berlin

photo by Fern

2) Business Yoga: 

The At-Your-Desk program. We teach your team a 30 min. class directly at the workspace, using desks and chairs as props. No changing, no mats, no special room. Just half an hour or energizing and relaxing yoga, breathwork and meditation.



Business yoga vouchers

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3) Vouchers for Studio Classes:

Employees receive vouchers which they can redeem for 90 minute classes at our Kreuzberg studio, so each person can choose the style and schedule that better suits them. A ten voucher pack costs 100€ and has a four-month validity.



4) Yoga for Special Events:

corporate yoga packages

Photo by Fern

You book one or more classes during a special company event or project. Class duration and content is tailored to fit the specific situation. This could be the perfect break after long hours of sitting, or to increase creativity before a brainstorming session. Yoga mats. blankets and props available upon request.



We are, of course, also happy to develop something entirely unique for your team. Just get in touch!

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