Free Semi-Supine Audio Guides: Directions

Thinking the Basic Alexander Technique Directions through the semi-supine audio

In this free semi-supine audio guide, we explore thinking the basic Alexander Technique directions and observe what kind of effect they have on our selves. These directions are:

  • Let the neck be free.
  • Let the head go forward and up (explained in the guide).
  • Let the back be long and wide.
  • Let the arms and legs be long.

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About the Author:

I am Pinelopi and I am an Alexander Technique Teacher in Berlin. My training was 1600 hours long with Jörg Aßhoff over a period of three years and three months. I love giving Alexander Technique classes and uncovering deep habits. My favorite moments are when a student discovers new ways to use themselves and an “A-ha” expression lights up their face! If you want to book a class contact me.

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