Free semi-supine audio guides

Here are some free semi-supine audio guides for people practicing the Alexander Technique. If you are new to the Alexander Technique then do them in order. If you are experienced, choose whichever one is the most appealing for you today. Enjoy!

Semi supine audio guide one: Finding the Basic Position

In this free semi-supine audio guide, we explore how to get into the basic position. I guide you through adjustments that you can do yourself in order to get a more balanced neck-head-back relationship. If you want to read the directions in detail you can also click here.

Semi supine audio guide two: Thinking the Basic Directions

In this free semi-supine audio guide, we explore thinking the basic Alexander Technique directions and observe what kind of effect they have on our selves.

Semi supine audio guide three: Stretching the leg without compromising the back

Today we explore how to stretch the leg without hollowing the back. The idea is that we observe the lower back as we stretch the leg and stop before it hollows. Then we give Alexander Technique directions and wait for the body to adapt. You are welcomed to write me an email and let me know how you experienced this!

About the author:

I am Pinelopi and I am an Alexander Technique Teacher in Berlin. My training was 1600 hours long with Jörg Aßhoff over a period of three years and three months. I love giving Alexander Technique classes and uncovering deep habits. My favorite moments are when a student discovers new ways to use themselves and an “A-ha” expression lights up their face! If you want to book a class contact me.

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