Hatha Yoga Hybrid Class

08.09.21 @ 18:00 – 19:30

Yoga Berlin Hatha Yoga in English -Hybrid Weekly Class for all levels.

This Hatha Yoga in English class is a gentle yoga for all levels. Pinelopi, the teacher, guides the students to stay present with their bodies throughout the whole class. Each class ends with a deep relaxation.

This is a hybrid live/online class. The yoga teacher gets streamed live to students participating online. The computer is positioned in a way that only the teacher gets streamed and participants are not seen online. Pinelopi’s main focus is on the live students in the room, with corrections, queues and hands-on corrections to those who want them.

This hybrid offer is to accommodate people joining from far away, people who need to still stay at home due to the pandemic, but also for monthly students to recuperate their live studio class if they feel unwell to attend.

Prices for students attending live at the studio:

Drop-in 12€
5er card 50€

Once your 5er card has been completed, you can become a monthly student…

1 class / week
2 classes / week

To register for a drop -in class at the studio, please follow these directions.

If you are using a slot on your 5er card, please register by writing an email to:

pinelopi (at) englishyogaberlin (dot) com

Take a moment to read and follow the Berlin guidelines for practicing yoga during this pandemic.

Prices for students only attending the online class:

  • A single online class costs 7 Euro (8 euro if paying by paypal)
  • A monthly online pass for once a week costs 25 Euro (26 euro if paying by paypal).
  • To register you must write an email and transfer the money for the class.
  • You will receive the zoom link at 14.00 of the Thursday that the class is on. Registrations after 14.00 are not possible.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, spaces are limited to 7 people. Please register for the class by writing an email to:

pinelopi (at) englishyogaberlin (dot) com


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