Berlin guidelines for yoga studios

As the corona virus evolves, so do our regulations:

Proof of vaccination AND recovery.

For Hatha yoga classes, at the moment, it is not required that you show a proof of vaccination or proof of recovery in order to attend a class.

Register for class.

Due to the limited amount of participants, it is recommended that you register for class to make sure you get a space.

For single classes: Please register and pay for the class. A refund is only possible if you cancel 24 hours in advance.

For monthly students: You are automatically registered to your specific class. If you miss a class you can recuperate on Thursday 6pm online.

The use of medical masks.

Although you are required to wear a mask at the studio, it is recommended that you wear one in the small entrance space before the main hall.

Wash your hands as you enter the space.

As you enter the studio, please use the bathroom on the left to wash your hands thoroughly before filling out the obligatory list of contacts at the table.

Yoga mats

Please bring your own yoga mat to class. If, for some reason you forget, you will be allowed to use ours but you need to disinfect it before use and after use. The Health Ministry highly discourages the common use of yoga mats.

Hands on corrections.

We have consent yes/no cards at the studio indicating if you wish for hands-on corrections that day.

Airing the space

When possible, yoga class will happen with the windows open. When the weather is chilly, the room will be aired every 20 minutes for some minutes. Every time you feel the need for more air, please let me know and I will open the windows for you.

Keeping a list of contacts.

At the moment, we are not required to keep a list of contacts.

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