English Yoga Berlin Class Schedule

Please read the Berlin guidelines for how to practice yoga during this pandemic. We offer both Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa yoga as hybrid classes.

To comply with the Berlin state’s updated regulations, ALL yoga classes in person must be held as 2G+ classes. A self-test or one done at our studio is not enough, you need to go to a certified test center.

English Yoga Schedule at our Kreuzberg Studio

photo by Fern

Groups are limited to 10 people, allowing for individual attention to each student. This means that all our English yoga classes are suitable to first-timers as well as intermediate and advanced students, allowing them to enjoy the many yoga benefits available in this format.  You have your own experience. For hygiene reasons, please bring a clean towel to place over the studio mats or your own mat. Come early to secure your place and to settle-in before class.

Read our practical tips for better enjoying the class before your visit

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Now: May 19 02:16 pm
18:30 Queer Yoga Vinyasa Flow — Live Online
Queer Yoga Vinyasa Flow — Live Online
May 16 @ 18:30 – 20:00
Queer Yoga Vinyasa Flow  -- Live Online
Svastha Yogatherapy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga by Juli….. A gentle Vinaysa Yoga Flow class in a queer and trans* positive space where gender binaries are viewed post-structurally and heteronormativity is challenged. Allies are welcome. This Vinyasa Flow yoga is slower than most, focusing on techniques of Svastha Yogatherapy – strengthening the …
15:30 Alexander Technique Lessons
Alexander Technique Lessons
May 17 @ 15:30 – 21:15
Alexander Technique Lessons
What is the Alexander Technique? The Alexander Technique is a re-education method that helps you break deeply embedded habits. Through this technique you learn how to recognize habits; how to pause; and help create new neural pathways in the use of your body and mind. Lessons at the studio. Alexander …
18:00 Hatha Yoga Hybrid Class
Hatha Yoga Hybrid Class
May 19 @ 18:00 – 19:30
Hatha Yoga Hybrid Class
Hatha Yoga in English -Hybrid Weekly Class for all levels. This Hatha Yoga in English class is a gentle yoga for all levels. Pinelopi, the teacher, guides the students to stay present with their bodies throughout the whole class.  Each class ends with a deep relaxation. This is a hybrid …
20:00 Hatha Yoga Level 2
Hatha Yoga Level 2
May 19 @ 20:00 – 21:30
Hatha Yoga Level 2
This class if for students who are a bit more advanced, both in terms of focus as in yoga poses. Not for absolute beginners. This is a computer-free class that does not get streamed online. This Hatha Yoga Level 2 class is offered in 6-week modules or as a drop-in …

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