Queer Yoga Vinyasa Flow – Hybrid Class

23.06.24 @ 16:00 – 17:30
English Yoga Berlin
Görlitzer Str. 39
12€ (or sliding scale)

Svastha Yogatherapy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga by Juli…..

A gentle Vinaysa Yoga Flow class in a queer and trans* positive space where gender binaries are viewed post-structurally and heteronormativity is challenged. Allies are welcome.

This Vinyasa Flow yoga is slower than most, focusing on techniques of Svastha Yogatherapy – strengthening the body to help heal from injuries, manage pain and chronic illness, and resting the mind to recover from stress and anxiety. Every class ends with a guided relaxation at our English Yoga Berlin yoga space in Kreuzberg.

If you are new to these classes, please fill in this one time form before coming to class.

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There are two ways to join this hybrid yoga class:

At the Studio (prioritized for Queer and Trans folk)

** Update April 2023 **
Classes will continue as a Hybrid-yoga experience. Class sizes as per usual are limited to 10 persons. Spots are prioritized for monthly students, and then open up for drop-ins as per first come, first serve basis. Please do a quick test before coming to class for courtesy of others practicing in the same room. If you’ve had contact with an infected person or have cold or flu or other unusual symptoms, even if you test negative, please stay at home. If you feel well enough, you are of course welcome to join us online.

Live Stream Online

1. The classes will be using the conferencing software Zoom. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here, and create a free basic account: https://zoom.us/

2. The prices for the classes are the same as any regular class at English Yoga Berlin 12€. But for those who would like to participate in our queers and friends yoga community, you can opt for the sliding-scale alternative. Please read more here.

3. Options for payment:
– Pre-exiting 5er card or gift card
– TICKETS link above (PayPal payment -> regular drop-in fee + 1€ for PayPal fees)
– German bank transfer (write to me by email for info)

4. Once I receive your payment (or a screenshot of your bank transfer), then I will confirm your payment and add your email address (Zoom account) to the invite list of participants.

*Some notes about Zoom:
– Please do not record the session.
– When you join, you will be automatically muted. If you want to say something, you’ll need to turn your audio on. But it’s best to keep it off throughout the class until the end if you’d like to join in the chanting of OM together.
– You have the option to turn your video on or off. If I see you, then I can offer a class that is more reflective of how I see you’re doing and I can see if people are responding to my cues, but it’s your choice. Please be aware that other participants can see you if you turn your video on.
– You DO NOT need to have a Zoom account to access the class. The name you choose when you join the lesson is visible to other participants, whether you have your video on or off. You can choose to be anonymous or use an alias.
– The connection works best if you connect your computer with a cable to your modem/router.
– In order to see my screen largest on yours, choose SPEAKER VIEW (not GALLERY VIEW) in the upper right corner of the Zoom window. You can also right-click and Pin Video to keep it full.
– The email addresses I collected for payment purposes, as well as sending information regarding each class, will always be sent out BCC and not shared with anyone else. This contact info is kept on file for these purposes only, and you have the right to ask me to delete it at any time.
– For new safety measures, Zoom has introduced both a meeting “password” (included in the link sent by email) as well as a waiting room, where I have to select those in the waiting room to enter before they can join the session. So please arrive early so I can let everyone in!

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