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We are a collective of yoga teachers offering yoga classes in Berlin. We offer 20 minute guided relaxation and visualization exercises at the end of our asana classes, and our students love them so much that we have decided to make them available online. Below you will find a selection of free audio files that you can stream to your computer, smart phone or other device. Each relaxation is different, and you can use them to help yourself de-stress, help yourself fall asleep, help your child fall asleep… any way you see fit!

All of these relaxations have been conceptualized and delivered by an English Yoga Berlin yoga teacher. The relaxations are licensed through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License: that means they can be shared and adapted, as long as they are attributed to their source, but that making money off of them is not OK.

For more information about these relaxations and how to use them, click here.

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If you are a regular student, you can access the bigger, password-protected database of relaxations here.

Your Safe Space

This is a great relaxation for creating and strengthening contact to your own inner ”safe space”. It’s especially helpful if you are feeling anxious or threatened by something happening in your life. It is a great tool for trauma survivors of all kinds, and is also very accessible for children.

Eye of the Storm

This is a nature-based relaxation that encourages healthy boundaries and a sense of detachment from the world and its changeability. It is a good tool to use when you need to remind yourself that you can’t control the world or its chaos, but you can choose to observe–and maybe even enjoy–it.

Your Word

This simple relaxation is an excellent tool for setting or clarifying an intention or goal in your life.

Meeting the Child You Were

In this relaxation, we travel into our own selves and make contact with the our child-selves. This is a useful practice for touching base with your deeper Self: what do you really want? what do you really need? It can be very nurturing and is very helpful for people going through a hard time.

Rapid Visualization and Chakra symbols

This relaxation works with subconscious imagery. It is highly visual.

Creative Commons License
This work by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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