Payment Policies

When coming as a drop-in to our yoga classes or workshops:

  • We can not guarantee you a place in the class. Please arrive early to get a space – some classes tend to fill-up. During corona times you can only attend if you have registered.
  • Payment must happen at the beginning of each class.
  • Cancellation of pre-booked courses must be done 24-hours before the start date.
  • Cancellation of pre-booked classes on a 5er card must be done 24-hours before the start date.

Once you have finished your fiver card, you’re eligible to get the prepaid monthly discount.  This entitles you to a reserved place in a specific weekly yoga class of your choice. 

When enrolled in the monthly prepaid discount:

  • Payment by cash or bank transfer should be made within the first 10 days of the month to the teacher you have a contract with.
  • Cancellations of the monthly payment agreement must be made one month in advance.
  • Your place in the class is reserved until the allotted start time.  At this point, the teacher is free to give the space to somebody else.
  • When missing a Hatha yoga class, you can recuperate on Thursdays 6pm online within the same calendar month (ie. if you miss a class in October, recuperation can only happen in October).

Also, please note:

  • We will assign a substitute teacher in the event of illness or time-off.  When possible, the student will be informed one week in advance.
  • We will not teach classes on Public Holidays. For our detailed schedule visit our schedule.
  • If a private class or office yoga booking has been cancelled within 24 hours before the start time of the class, a fee of half the agreed-upon fee for the class will be charged.

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