Payment Options for Lower Income Participants

English Yoga Berlin is a self-organized group of freelance workers. Our goal is to create a space that provides economically accessible, professional, yet down-to-earth community yoga in Berlin, and stable and secure working conditions for ourselves. We acknowledge there are many people living in Berlin who are overworked, underpaid, marginalized or do not have the papers to work legally or receive State benefits. We work hard to keep our prices low but we recognize that there are still many people who cannot afford yoga classes in Berlin.

For these reasons, we offer various solidarity options for residents of Berlin who you want to practice with us, but can’t afford our regular prices. The options are…

Community Classes for Queers and friends

For more info about the community classes, click here.

Barter / Work Exchange

There is a possibility of a work exchange arrangement to students who have shown a commitment to our community by attending classes regularly.  Work exchange can include work like cleaning/washing, flyering, childcare, etc. If you are already a student of ours and  would like to exchange your labour for some yoga classes, please talk with one of the teachers in person.

Other Options

There are other options available for people who are refugees or find themselves in extreme financial difficulty. Please send us an email to find out more.

If you earn more money, please consider donating a little bit more when you pay for your 5er card or monthly payment or drop-in class to help support someone who can’t pay as much.

Outside of economic reasons, we ask that everyone please be respectful of other people in the class, and their differences.

To learn more about our commitment to accessibility in our space, you can check out the following blog posts: All About Our Community Feedback Yogi Project, Accessibility in Yoga, Body Image and Yoga

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