Practical Tips Before Coming to a Class

Getting the most out of your practice is about more than just doing yoga posses. Yoga can improve your overall wellness and quality of life. We want you to get the most yoga benefits possible when you come to our studio. To ensure your best experience, we recommend the following:

– Avoid having a heavy meal 3 hours before or caffeine 1 hour before the class.

– Yoga mats, blankets and props are provided.  However, due to the corona virus  we highly recommend that you bring your own mat or at least a clean towel to place over the yoga mat.

– During the class wear loose, comfortable clothing, this will allow you to come more easily into the yoga poses.  There are changing facilities at the studio.

– Some yoga poses are done barefoot, but for others it’s possible to wear socks.  Bring warm, loose fitting socks.

– A comfortable warm sweater may be useful for the relaxations.

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