Advanced Hatha Yoga LIVE online

19.03.20 @ 20:00 – 21:30

Photo by Daniel Norin on Unsplash

Our regular Advanced Hatha yoga class by Pinelopi is live online!

In solidarity with the folks who are at risk, and to put less stress on the healthcare system by slowing the spread of the Coronavirus, we are taking precautions by going online for the next month. #flattenthecurve

Hatha Yoga Berlin is a soft, balancing yoga. It mainly consists of getting into a position and holding it while breathing deeply. The students choose how hard they want to make it for themselves by choosing how many breaths they are able to do in a particular pose on each particular day. This class is taught in English and includes up to 70 minutes of yoga poses and 20 minutes of relaxation and visualization, in which aspects of Yoga Nidra (conscious deep sleep) are introduced.

Info about how to join the live class (at 20.00h CET):

DOWNLOAD ZOOM: The classes will be using the conferencing software Zoom. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here, and create a free basic account:

PICK YOUR PAYMENT: To continue to make yoga accessible during this especially stressful time, we are offering discounted rates for all students:

    • Single online class: 7 Euro

Attend a single class with us for a 3 euro discount off our normal rate*

    • One class per week (4): 25 Euro

Attend all Tuesday or all Thursday classes in a single month for a 10 euro discount off our normal rate*

    • Two classes per week (8): 45 Euro

Attend Tuesday and Thursday weekly all month for a 20 euro discount off our normal rate*

If you have a pre-existing 5er card or gift card, please send an email to Pinelopi@englishyogaberlin (dot) com before class to use your card

All students with a current monthly contract will be automatically enrolled in our online classes and will receive an email with detailed instructions about how to join their class(s).

WAYS TO PAY: There are two options for class payments.

    • Press on the “tickets” link above (PayPal payment)
    •  German bank transfer
        • email pinelopi (at) englishyogaberlin (dot) com) for bank transfer details

GET ONLINE: Once we receive your payment (or a screenshot of your bank transfer), we will add your email address (Zoom account) to the invite list of participants. You will also receive an email with directions about how to join your class.

Let’s come together during this transitional time in the world….We look forward to seeing you online!

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