Clarity and Energy: 10-Week Meditation Course

still_silentEVERYTHING CAN BE CULTIVATED: Concentration, awareness, calm…

Like a muscle, the mind can be trained to become more cooperative, more useful.

But one needs a method. Otherwise one is fumbling in the dark.


Tantra offers easy and effective meditations

  •  to get more clarity and energy,

  •  to become more sensitive and intuitive,

  •  to have a relaxed relationship with our mind.

But this is no miracle cure.  One has to do the work.


Let us take you by the hand, step by step, towards your own meditation practice.

Join us for ten consecutive Wednesdays: A two-hour ritual of empowering methods.

Come do the work.


Clarity and Energy: 10-Week Meditation Course

  • From 1st June to 3rd August
  • 10 Wednesdays from 20h to 22h
    (Recuperation classes will be arranged for those missing sessions)
  • Total Cost: 120eur
    Places are limited.  Book your space with 50 eur deposit.
  • Booking and Info:
  • Guided by Pedro
  • Try-Out Classes:
    Wednesday 25. May. at  20h
    Sunday 29. May. at 18h
    12 eur  (free when taking the course)


Develop your own meditation practice in ten weeks!

The aim of this course is entirely practical.  You will learn and repeatedly practice classical meditations from the Tantric tradition.  You’ll have a chance to experiment with these meditations on your own, and may choose one to concentrate on.  By the end, you will have developed your personal meditation practice and will be able to continue with these techniques on your own.  A gift for life!

Awareness Meditations
In this course you will learn some of the most powerful and useful Tantric meditations:  Antar Mouna (Inner Silence) teaches you how to experience things without getting overwhelmed by them.  Trataka trains your concentration to become more steady, more intense.  And Yoga Nidra brings you in contact with a deep stillness where you can rest anytime.  Additionally, you’ll experience some other exciting meditations from the Tantric science.

Energy Meditations
We will complement the classical awareness practice with meditations from the Tantric Kundalini tradition.  These pleasant practices allow us to come in touch with our inner source of power, and to discover the centres or energy and consciousness known as chakra.

Other Methods
Although this is decidedly a meditation course, you will also learn and practice complementary methods from Tantra yoga, including breathing techniques, physical exercises, cleansing methods and more.

The course includes one free 90 min. lecture on a Sunday agreed by all, plus personal advice on how to apply these techniques to your own specific life challenges.

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