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Juli teaches Vinyasa Flow at English Yoga Berlin

My teaching style is influenced by the playful and heart-led practice of Anusara, but it is not dogmatically tied to any tradition. Postures and exercises from the various styles I’ve practiced make their way into the sequences in my classes.

Yoga is an individual practice to support the self in feeling better by learning to become aware of one’s own thoughts, feelings and movements. As we come together to practice in the same room with others who are also focusing on their own self, respect of others’ differences and non-judgment is essential and helps us to see how we are all interconnected.


Juli’s aim is to make a class comfortable for those who feel marginalized in other classes but still want to discover the yoga benefits. You are invited to join Juli in creating an atmosphere of alliedness by recognizing our privileges and creating space for others (queers, transfolks, sex-workers, b&pocs, differently abled, abundant bodied, low/no-income).

Juli offers sliding-scale community yoga classes at English Yoga Berlin.

Current and upcoming COMMUNITY CLASS SCHEDULE at English Yoga Berlin:



Queer* Yoga Flow
Vinyasa Flow

*Queer Yoga Flow is named “queer” to prioritize a space for queer and trans* folk.
* = Allies and other misfits welcome.

Update: Since the beginning of October 2017, I’ve stopped running the Queer Yoga class on Wednesday mornings.For those of you missing Wednesday morning yoga, as of November Pinelopi will be moving her injury-conscious and gentle Hatha Yoga morning class from Monday to Wednesday in the same time slot.

Juli bietet auch Yoga-klassen auf Deutsch am 19.45h Do. bei LowKick eV.

Styles of Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga connects the breath with flowing, dynamic movement through sequences of traditional and contemporary Hatha yoga postures. A Vinyasa Flow class can be very different from another. The style of this specific class is slower than most, it focuses on techniques of Svastha Yogatherapy – strengthening the body to help heal from injuries, manage pain and chronic illness, and resting the mind to recover from stress and anxiety. Every class ends with a guided relaxation.

Restorative Yoga is a restful, gentle yoga practice that nourishes the parasympathetic nervous system, our body’s responses when rest or regeneration is required to counter stress, anxiety, insomnia, illness or injury. Movement and yoga poses from Svastha yoga therapy are incorporated into the class, as well as the style of restorative yoga created by Judith Lasater in which some poses are held for 5-20 minutes, supported by props, rolled-up blankets, blocks and chairs.

At this time, there is no regular weekly course for restorative yoga. If you are interested in booking a private session, please contact Juli by email to arrange a date and time. Private sessions will be offered to Berlin-based Queer* and Trans* folks, and women with histories of trauma, including inter-generational, at a sliding scale rate of 25-60 euros. When booking a time with Juli, please be sure that this appointment works for you, as you will be charged a fee of half the agreed-upon rate if you cancel within 24 hours of the class time.


Juli was introduced to yoga as a teenager while warming up for practice at the Ukrainian Academy of Dance in Toronto and quickly became hooked on this gentle healing practice. In 1997, Juli began to more fully explore what yoga could offer and started practicing Iyengar and Ashtanga. Over the decade that followed they tried a variety of different styles (Kundalini, Anusara, Acro-yoga, Chi-Yoga, Bikram and Restorative) in Toronto and Vancouver. As someone who holds a lot of tension in the body, yoga was a way to help release it and feel better. In 2008 they attended the Yandara Yoga Institute to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. As a filmmaker and artist, Juli finds balance by practicing and teaching yoga and participating in community projects.

Juli has been teaching yoga in English and German in Berlin since 2009. Starting off with an independent class at the HeileHaus eV in English in 2009, and then a class in German at the women’s Kick-boxing studio LowKick eV in 2012. And shortly after that another class in English at the YogaRaum. In 2013, Juli taught yoga at a week-long retreat for activists, and then joined English Yoga Berlin. In 2015, Juli began a new class in German at Praxis Deutschmann. In 2016, Juli began the Svastha Yoga Therapy advanced teacher training program in Berlin, and has finished the first four modules which focus on yoga poses that support the healing of injuries, pain, and illnesses in the physical body. As the Lab resident through February and March, they offered a series of workshops based on this training.

Contact Juli for more info about their classes.

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