Wanted: Community Feedback Yogis!

IMPORTANT: We’ve already found our Community Feedback Yogis for this round. Thanks for your interest, but we’re not looking for any more people right now! This post has been left up for reference about the initiative. 

As part of our collective’s commitment to accessibility, we are always interested in gathering feedback and having dialogue. We strive to be as accountable, inclusive and accessible as possible, and we want to know how and where we can improve. So, we are looking for 3-5 people who are willing to help us with an accessibility and quality review.

And it goes a little somethin’ like this…

We are looking for people to take a total of 6 free classes at English Yoga Berlin,  and provide us with feedback forms about their experience. You don’t need to have much experience with Yoga, although it is also fine if you do–your interest and honesty are more important factors, as well as flexibility in your schedule. Since we are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere in our yoga classes, we especially want feedback from people who feel marginalized by mainstream Western yoga (people who have chronic pain, are differently abled, queer or trans*, a person of colour, working class or poor, elderly and/or otherwise). To keep the feedback as neutral and impartial as possible, we are limiting this initiative to people who are not current students or friends. (Current students and friends are welcome to give feedback, with or without forms, anytime they want!)

After each class, you will be asked to complete a feedback form and give us your opinion about the teaching, class, space, accessibility and general vibe. Your feedback will be used to make English Yoga Berlin a more welcoming and accessible space. 

In addition to the free classes, you will get a gift certificate to an awesome local collective/alternative business! If you are interested, please send us an email with a short explanation of who you are, your availability, why you’d be great as a feedback yogi and a representation (CV, portfolio, statement, link to website or blog, etc.) of what you’re all about! Please note: Applications are now closed (as of Feb 1, 2014) for this initiative. Thanks for your interest!

Thank you!

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  1. Lisandra Cervantes


    Tengo interes en participar en este curo experimento junto a ustedes. Soy profesora de danza, pero sin ninguna experiencia anterior en el Yoga y creo que seria interesante poder exponer mis resultados. he leido que podria hacerse en Espanol.
    Un saludo y en espera de una respuesta.
    Queda de Usted,
    Lisandra Cervantes Fernadez

    • yoga-Xkoelln

      Hola Lisandra,

      Gracias por tu mensaje.

      Lamentablemente ya hemos cerrado el proceso de aplicación para nuestro experimento; y hemos completado la difícil tarea de elegir cinco participantes de los muchos que respondieron a nuestro llamado.

      Pero igual te invito a venir a una de nuestras clases en español, los jueves a las 20h.



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