Hatha Yoga Hybrid Class

16.11.23 @ 18:00 – 19:30

Hatha Yoga in English -Hybrid Weekly Class for all levels.

Yoga BerlinThis Hatha Yoga in English class is a gentle yoga for all levels. Pinelopi, the teacher, guides the students to stay present with their bodies throughout the whole class.  Each class ends with a deep relaxation.

This is a hybrid live/online class. The yoga teacher gets streamed live to students participating online. The computer is positioned in a way that only the teacher gets streamed and participants are not seen online. Pinelopi’s main focus is on the live students in the room, with queues and hands-on corrections to those who want them.

This Hatha yoga class is offered in a 6-week modules or as a drop-in class, at the studio or online.

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