06.04.20 @ 18:00 – 19:30

yoga for beginnersOur regular 6pm yoga class by Pinelopi is live online!

In solidarity with the folks who are at risk, and to put less stress on the healthcare system by slowing the spread of the Coronavirus, we are taking precautions by going online for the next month. For the moment, we anticipate this offer to continue up to the end of December 2020. If the lock down continues, we will extend the offer. #flattenthecurve

Hatha Yoga Berlin is a soft, balancing yoga. It mainly consists of getting into a position and holding it while breathing deeply. The students choose how hard they want to make it for themselves by choosing how many breaths they are able to do in a particular pose on each particular day. This class is taught in English and includes up to 70 minutes of yoga poses and 20 minutes of relaxation and visualization, in which aspects of Yoga Nidra (conscious deep sleep) are introduced.

Info about how to join the live class (at 18.00h CET). The class will be streamed on the platform ZOOM.

How to register:

  • Write an email expressing your wish to attend.
  • Transfer the money for the class through paypal  or through bank account.
  • Once the money has been received (or an email saying that you have paid) you will receive the logins to the zoom class latest at 16.00 on the day of the class. If for some reason you do not receive the logins by that time, write an email and let me know so that I send them again.
  • Log on and enjoy the class.

Payment and recuperation:

  • A single online class costs 7 Euro (8 euro if paying by paypal)
  • A monthly online pass for once a week costs 25 Euro (26 euro if payng through paypal).
  • A monthly online pass for twice a week costs 45 Euro (46 euro if payng through paypal).
    • Monthly passes need to be paid within the first ten days of the calendar month
    • Missed classes can not be moved to future months.
    • A monthly pass refers to the calendar month only (ie beginning of November to end of November instead of 10th of November to 10th of December)
    • All students with once a week monthly passes can recuperate missed classes online within the same calendar month only.
    • email pinelopi (at) englishyogaberlin (dot) com for bank transfer details or paypal details.

Although we are facing yet another lock down, I find it important to keep our mental health and spirits in a good state. If you are facing financial difficulty, but still need your yoga, please get in touch and we will figure out a discount. Likewise, if you are economically unaffected by the lock down and feel that you could contribute a bit more for the yoga classes, please know that your contributions will be very welcomed and appreciated.

Let’s come together during this transitional time in the world….We look forward to seeing you online!

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